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Booking Machine

You need a booking machine suiting your hotel website layout? We programme user friendly and easy-to-use applications matching your hotel’s needs. The booking machine can be embedded in your homepage, as well as be accessible through links. If reservations are made through your booking machine, you will immediately receive all information via email. As for all of our products you can reach us at all times if any questions occur.

The booking machine can be embedded in your homepage as well as via link.


User friendly and easy management

Easy care

Encrypted and secure data transfer

Usable 24/7

Your contact for all systems

For reservations via your booking machine, you will receive all information directly by e-mail. As with all our products, you can also contact us with any questions about your booking machine 24 hours a day.

Request your demo!

To extensively test your future software from us please use the form provided below to request temporary access. We will as soon as possible send you your login data via email.


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